Sunday, June 19, 2011

Creamed Green Chile Quinoa

Delightfuly easy. Hearty and Flavorful.

I know... you're starving now and surviving off of rice cakes because it has been so long since I have posted any recipes! Oh I am so very sorry! I've been a little bit on the lazy side with cooking since the childrens are on vaca in FL.... and I have also been experiencing technical difficulties with my camera phone - and I really should be more motivated to shoot some pictures of my cooking with my beautiful Nikon camera that my Lover gave me..... but as I said just a moment ago - I've been rather lazy. It's been a lazy Spring folks. Apologies!

So on to the quinoa. You know how I feel about Quinoa. This glorious grain is just an essential ingredient in the vegan diet! Complete protein folks.


~ mixture of peppers: Pasilla, Poblano, Jalapeno and Thai Chiles
~ 2 yellow bell peppers
~ 2 tsp liquid smoke
~ dash of smoked sweet paprika
~ dash of cayenne
~ 1 tbsp dried red chile flakes
~ 3 green onions chopped
~ 1 stalk of celery
~1 bunch of fresh basil
~ Vegan Sour Cream
~ Vegan bouillon
~1 tsp chopped garlic
~1 tbsp vegan butter

Once again - the measurements of this recipe will be guestimated. I encourage you to start slowly and add ingredients until you've found the perfect flavor for you.

I prepared this dish by placing several hot green chiles (my Lover would say - there is no such thing as a 'hot' GREEN chile....) and two wimpy yellow ones on my cutting board chopping them to bits while I cackled...... I scooped the entire contents of my chopping block into a sauce pan - including the seeds. Seeds really do give any pepper dish more heat and a developed complex flavor. I highly recommend keeping those seeds around. I added chopped green onion, 1 tbsp of vegan butter, and a tsp of chopped garlic. I turned the peppers on a medium heat to brown them and soften them a bit.

While the peppers were heating up I chopped up some celery as well as some fresh basil. I put some water on to boil (I would guestimate about 4 cups) Once the water was boiling I tossed a boullion cube and the 2 cups of Quinoa into the water and let it boil with the lid off for about 5 minutes before turning it down to simmer.

I returned to my hot pot of peppers and took it from the stove to cool a bit. After it had cooled slightly I put all of the peppers into the food processor and turned it mostly to puree with a few 'chunks' left in it.

Then when the Quinoa had thoroughly cooked I added the peppers and continued to cook it until the consistency was thick. About 5 minutes before I was done cooking this pot of chile I put in the chopped basil and the chopped celery and stirred in half a tub of vegan sour cream......


Is so good. Is really good. Is really good for real.