Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coconut Walnut Shrimp and Carrot Ginger Rawsghetti

Deliciousness!!! So easy to make as well.

I apologize for the lack of measurements - this recipe was all about taste, smell and intuition. So trust yourself and I encourage you to find your inner chef voice!

The vegan condensed milk was a pleasure to create. I was worried.... but it turned out to be delightful.

I found this lovely product at whole foods which I added to water with a bit of coconut crystals for sweetness, although it probably did not require much sweetener. The coconut crystals are a sugar alternative and they are naturally low on the glycemic index which is great for weight control and maintaining glucose and lipid levels in people with diabetes.

I would guestimate that I started with 2 cups of water and reduced the liquid to about half its original volume. I squeezed half of the bag of the coconut into the water just as it reached the boiling point and then turned it down to simmer and reduce. I added a splash of sesame oil and a tablespoon of Braggs. When I was happy with the texture - which should be THICK! Think... just a little thinner than condensed milk consistency. I slipped it into the refridgerator while I made the rest of the dish. The milk definitely thickened up when placed in the fridge.

Bake the Vegan Shrimp/Calamari according to directions.

While they are baking you can make the Rawsghetti and puree your walnuts.

Add about 1/2 cup of walnuts to your food processor and puree. Set aside.

Rawsghetti Noodles:

Daikon and Golden Delicious apples.

Spiralize the daikon and the apples. Our Daikon made the longest noodles!

My Father was intent on having my dog learn how to jump rope with one..... she just stared at us like we were crazy. No jumping daikon noodles was accomplished.

Spiralizing is a great deal of fun. Just look at how beautiful this apple looks... like art~!

I like my noodles crips crunch and raw - but some people prefer a consistency closer to a cooked pasta. If you would like to get a little closer to this consistency you can soak your veggie noodles in some warm water (I suggest flavoring the water with miso)

Rawsghetti Sauce:

Combine the following to your liking

(I suggest more carrots than other ingredients


Fresh English Peas

WOW what a flavor


Rice Vinegar

Umeboshi Plum Vinegar


Braggs or Tamari

Slightly warmed coconut oil
just at the melting point where the oil is still slightly light in color and not see through

spring onion


ensure your miso is JUST miso and doesnt contain bonito or dashi
(this is a fish base that is quite common in miso)

Combine above ingredients in a food processor and run until pureed. Voila! Delicious raw and healthy!

Now that you are about ready to dish everything out and serve it up - go ahead and pull out the 'condensed milk'. Stir in your walnut puree and spoon it over your calamari and shrimp. Top with a few chopped walnuts.

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